connecting with god & each other

We believe that God calls us to live out our faith by being involved in the lives of others.  That's why small groups are an integral part of life at Palmdale UMC.  We have a variety of groups for all ages.  We study together, pray together, laugh together, cry together, share our lives with one another, and help support each other along the way.  Some of our groups include:

  • Grief Share- This powerful recovery group is led by Karen and Don. Contact Karen at or Don at for more information.
  • Huddle I & II-  Learning how to hear God speak to us & how God has wired us for ministry. 
  • LIFE GROUPS - Small groups that meet monthly for 90 min. to share what's happening in each other's lives, study the Bible together, and pray with one another.
  • Exploring the Bible groups - 3 six-week studies: Intro to the Bible, Intro to the Old Testament, and Intro to the New Testament.  We run these every year.
  • Men's Group - The United Methodist Men gather at 8am on the 1st Saturday of every month for friendship, prayer, and participation in larger church activities. 
  • We have numerous other small groups that meet in people's homes around the Antelope Valley throughout the month.

assistance for our seniors!

Many aging adults are unaware of the available care options and programs that can help them maintain their independence and quality of life. SENIOR ADVICE is a website that can help.  They offer a free guide which describes the senior services available in the region and the cost of assisted living in various parts of California. It compares assisted living to other types of care and provides free and low-cost resources to help seniors cover the costs of assisted living.

Also, RETIREGUIDE has a helpful page on medicare.  It has an intro to Medicare, and lots of useful information to help you navigate this important benefit.  Please check it out for yourself or someone you love.

VETERANS... you can visit this website or call (310-268-4900) to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine.

TELEMEDICINE in California... click here to find out information from about how you can have effective online doctor's visits (as opposed to in-person).

MY VISION... click here for a free digital resource ("A Guide on Aging & Eyesight") led by expert ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide trusted information on eye health and vision.

DEMENTIA CARE - click here for a website that helps explain the regulations and financial assistance for Alzheimer's and dementia care available in California.

CAREGIVER'S GUIDE - click here for a website that helps those who are caring for seniors with some great insight and tips, brought to you by

CHRISTIAN SENIOR LIVING GUIDE from click here for more information on Christian senior living communities!

ASSISTED LIVING guide... If you're a senior looking for assisted living, this guide can help!  Click here to get started.